Sarah Karaba

Sarah Karaba

Sarah Karaba


Lang'ata Women’s Prison, Kenya

I’m 40 now. It’s my 18th year in prison. I was arrested back in 2002 and since then, I’ve been behind bars. Sentenced to the death penalty in 2005, my sentence was commuted to life in 2009.

Justice Defenders have established a legal clinic within our prison. As a result of the new skills I've gained as a paralegal, I have a new platform for life. I assist my fellow inmates with plea bargaining, bail and bond applications, mitigations and submissions. Nothing adds more to my life than writing an argument of a case within our constitutional right and judges agreeing with our points just like any other competent colleague.

The impact of Justice Defenders has changed my foundation, showing me that life can start at any time.

After life in prison, I would like to be able to offer pro bono services and become a barrister or solicitor. This will help me to share the knowledge of justice to the marginalised and the poor irrespective of their backgrounds.