Summer 2019 - Exam Results


Summer 2019 - Exam Results

Summer 2019 - Exam Results

Congratulations to our students, tutors, and the rest of the team, for their exceptional exam results this summer. More than 30 students - prisoners and prison staff across Kenya and Uganda - sat for their law exams earlier this year. 24 students passed their exams and we’re proud to welcome 5 new law graduates to APP’s University of London alumni.

We are delighted to share the exciting news that we have a 95% pass rate [in Uganda] this time around. Congratulations to the students and tutors on the great performance in Kenya too! We look forward to the celebrations at the graduation.” Dr. Banoba Florence - Country Director, Uganda.

Two of APP’s Law Students in Uganda.

From Prison Student to Law Graduate

One of those to graduate is Wilson Kinyua, who was released in February 2019, after presenting a successful constitutional challenge to his sentence, together with his fellow petitioners. In 1998 he was just out of high school, arrested and accused of bank robbery on his first visit to Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. Unable to pay for a lawyer, Wilson had to represent himself and was sent to Kamiti Maximum Security Prison where he spent the next 20 years.

With APP’s presence in Kamiti, Wilson has seen it reduce the ‘us and them’ mentality between inmates and officers. Now the prisoners and prison staff study together, with the prison school having grown into a strong educational facility.  Read more about the changes he’s seen and the establishment of the ‘Kamiti Prison Law School.’

Prison Officers With Distinction

Prison staff also studying this year includes Jimmy Mtawa and Tabitha Njeri - Officers at Kwale Main Prison and Naivasha Maximum Prison. Together with Dennis Wandati, they are three students achieving more than 70 marks in their results. "I'm ecstatic about my results. A distinction in law is a great achievement," Tabitha Njeri. Jimmy adds, “I am now in my final stretch and I hope, come October this year, to be an LLB graduate. My aim is to score  a second upper and make APP proud."

Patricia McKellar, Associate Director Undegraduate Laws at the University of London during a visit at Kamiti Maximum Prison’s law class.

Our Justice Changemaker Programme

Despite their unique and challenging circumstances, there are more than 50 individuals studying law with APP via the University of London distance learning programme. We provide local law tutors, as well as volunteer lecturers to support our students. Prisoners and staff enrolled within our Justice Changemaker programme, can also work under the supervision of practicing lawyers to provide free legal advice within the prison community as auxiliary paralegals. They also make use of moot courts to practise their legal skills, giving them confidence and experience, as well as learning how the court system works ensuring cases are well-documented and prepared for trial.

Access to Legal Services

Such is the need for access to legal awareness and advice that APP is working in almost 40 prisons, with more than 250 auxiliary paralegals. Together with APP’s staff and law student volunteers, they have provided over 800 legal awareness sessions inside Ugandan Prisons this year reaching over 50,000 prisoners. These are often prisoners held on remand, still awaiting trial, which can account for 50% of Uganda’s prison population. As they wait for a hearing, they are unlikely to see a lawyer or understand how to prepare themselves for an unfamiliar and intimidating courtroom. 

In Kenya, APP currently has 30 students enrolled as students, in our Changemaker Programme, with the University of London. Of those who are prisoners, few had any legal awareness or representation themselves, but they now provide legal advice and support to others. In acting as paralegals, they can obtain missing files, draft witness statements or prepare mitigation, for example, or advise a defendant in alternate dispute resolution. All this assists the Court with the correct documents, saving time and reducing the problem of case backlogs and overcrowding.

Alongside the vital practical work our paralegals provide, our students and their tutors work hard together to prepare themselves for their exams. In Kenya, tutoring and revision took place across three prisons this year - Naivasha Maximum Prison, Kamiti Maximum Security Prison and Lang’ata Women’s Prison. Our staff were joined by a lecturer from Strathmore University who led several revision classes to help prepare their students, together with their Mock Exams. 

Good Teamwork, Great Results

After all the hard work, Brenda Ambani - APP’s UoL Tutor in Kenya - celebrates with her team, "We thank God for the results, with many congratulations to the students and tutors.”

Karen Saidi - APP’s Law Tutor in Uganda - writes, “Teamwork is the secret sauce, we will keep working as one to achieve better results.”

Become a Changemaker

You can become a Changemaker too! Join our students and paralegals to provide access to justice or support next year’s graduates to complete their law degree with the University of London. Find out more