The ripple effect of individual impact


The ripple effect of individual impact

Injustice is costly.

But when defenceless individuals in conflict with the law get a fair hearing, impact spreads to families, communities, prisons, court systems, and society as a whole. Thanks to supporters of the Compassionate Release Campaign, our defenders celebrate these recent hard-won cases and rightfully reunited families.

Lavender is home.

An 18-year-old orphan, Lavender spent six weeks in prison for selling illicit brew – a charge she attributes to mistaken identity. She was sentenced to serve four months in prison, and is grateful to Justice Defenders for obtaining her early release. She is now home with her aunty.

Kavuma is free.

Arrested for possession of coffee he did not know was stolen, Kavuma was charged with 19 months in prison or a £72 fine – a sum he could not afford. Kavuma was humbled by the services offered to him by Justice Defenders and is going back home to engage himself in productive activities.

Beatrice is back with her kids.

Arrested for stealing food for her family and unable to pay the £187 fine, Beatrice spent six months in prison while her children lived with neighbours. Beatrice is pictured with a Machakos Prison guard, several of whom used their personal money to give her food to take home to her children.

Onesmus is pursuing his dream.

Charged with breaking and stealing, Onesmus pleaded guilty and served his time but still could not pay his fine. He hopes to use the knowledge he acquired in prison to pursue his dream of becoming a gospel musician. He is reflective and thankful for being given another opportunity at life.

Break the chains of injustice.