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The Advocates

We’re equipping the accused. Informing the indicted. Educating the incarcerated.

Access to justice is a fundamental human right.

The Advocates defend that right. Because everyone deserves the right to tell their story.

There are 10 million people in prison around the world. Three million are yet to access a fair trial. We’re taking the law to the margins of society – to uproot the unjust. We train paralegals and lawyers within defenceless communities to provide legal services for themselves and others.

We don’t simply give more people access to lawyers. Why?

Because, as said by Saint Oscar Romero: "There are many things that can only be seen through eyes that have cried."

We are a movement of people treading with a limp, from different walks of life.

There is no us or them, no beneficiary or benefactor. Each of us is both.

We go where others aren’t willing. Doing what hasn’t been done before.

It takes a certain type of person to invest in marginalised communities. Our supporters are fearless and audacious and are not afraid to be part of our unlikely network.