Defenders of the defenceless

Training paralegals and lawyers within defenceless communities to provide legal services for themselves and others. Because everyone deserves a fair hearing.

"I don't get involved in most organisations that I report on after the story is done. But this is something I've seen first hand, and I cannot tell you how impressed I am by the people involved." - Anderson Cooper.
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We act bravely, take risks, and move forward to a preferred future.

One where justice is accessible, reliable, and can be practised best by those who need it most.
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A man walks through a shared prison ward.
Why Justice?

From Uganda to the United States, we are living amidst a global justice crisis.

Worldwide, three million men, women, and children are being held in overcrowded prisons without a trial. Countless voices are lost in the noise. But we are listening. 

About Us

A common cause with unlikely allies, creating remarkable possibilities for good.

Founded in 2007, Justice Defenders is a movement from all walks of life. As a registered US nonprofit and UK charity working across three African countries, we are a community of prisoners, prison officers, lawyers, judges, and allies. Unlikely companions, working together for justice.

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Our Model

Legal education, training, and practice with communities in conflict with the law.

Some things can only be seen through eyes that have cried. So we work within defenceless communities to offer world-class law degrees, paralegal training, and free legal services to those without. Our defenders are protecting rights while addressing wrongs. 

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Legal aid session for remands at Luzira Prison, Uganda.
A legal awareness session for people on remand at Luzira Prison, Uganda.
The Impact

Transformation of Justice


auxiliary paralegals running 32 legal practices in Uganda, Kenya and The Gambia.


imprisoned clients without access to justice, served with free legal services.


incarcerated clients released and returned to their families as a result of our work.

Our Partners

In the spirit of solidarity and radical inclusion.

Lives are lost waiting for justice to arrive. We accelerate progress alongside governments, NGOs, national prison services, funders, the judiciary, universities, and the wider legal fraternity.