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We provide in-house training for prisoners and prison staff to become peer educators, paralegals, and lawyers.

Paralegals tracing and reviewing case files at Kamiti Prison, Kenya.
Paralegals tracing and reviewing case files at Kamiti Prison, Kenya.

We've seen that those in conflict with the law are well suited to provide simple, accessible legal services to those in need.

The proven training model involves sharing simple, accessible information about the court process, as well as potentially life-changing legal advice. By the end of 2019, 341 trained paralegals have worked across more than 40 prisons in two countries. And 24,000 imprisoned clients without access to justice have been served with free legal advice.

We also provide professional development opportunities for prison officers, members of the judiciary, and allied professions. This UK secondment programme – in partnership with the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission – selects prison staff who have a track record of excellence. We build their capacity via rigorous training, networking, and leadership skills. And we work together to bring about strengthened justice systems and criminal justice reform in Africa.

We are proud to showcase radical aspiration and black excellence. Some of the most vulnerable people in some of the world’s poorest countries have brains that can move mountains. As we use the law to serve defenceless communities, despite the personal challenges we face, our own humanity has the chance to flourish.

Each of us, even the death row inmate, wishes to go to bed at night knowing that that day counted for something.